Friday, March 30, 2012

For the Love of Writing

Recently, I read the following application letter (on the great website, Letters of Note) written by Robert Pirosh when he applied for a job as a screenwriter with MGM Studios in 1934.  He says this about writing:

"I like words. I like fat buttery words, such as ooze, turpitude, glutinous, toady. I like solemn, angular, creaky words, such as straitlaced, cantankerous, pecunious, valedictory. I like spurious, black-is-white words, such as mortician, liquidate, tonsorial, demi-monde. I like suave "V" words, such as Svengali, svelte, bravura, verve. I like crunchy, brittle, crackly words, such as splinter, grapple, jostle, crusty. I like sullen, crabbed, scowling words, such as skulk, glower, scabby, churl. I like Oh-Heavens, my-gracious, land's-sake words, such as tricksy, tucker, genteel, horrid. I like elegant, flowery words, such as estivate, peregrinate, elysium, halcyon. I like wormy, squirmy, mealy words, such as crawl, blubber, squeal, drip. I like sniggly, chuckling words, such as cowlick, gurgle, bubble and burp."

I remember how much I love language and this act of writing.  Each and every day, I love it. It's beginning to matter less and less if they love it--those agents, those publishers, that public--because I love it.

(P.S. Robert Pirosh got the job with this cover letter.)  

What do you love about writing?  Do you have favorite words?  I still love the verb grapple!


Bethlmoss said...

Grapple...can't you just picture an apple and a grape in mortal combat :)

Roberta Beach said...

I love getting lost in words so well written I'm unaware of the reason for my devotion but am enrapt and captured, unable to leave till the wee hours of the morning. I love and use the word "indeed" a lot; to me, it is a hearty, firm, generous affirmation to the person with whom I'm speaking or writing. 

LivewithFlair said...

Exactly, Bethlmoss!!

LivewithFlair said...