Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Pace

With the pool opening today, I find myself gathering books to read. The children don't need me in the pool with them. They don't want me in the pool with them. But they do wish for me to be generally around, just available with snacks and emergency repair of broken goggles. 

They insist I stay poolside, reading and socializing. Far away but near enough. Present but uninvolved. Here, but clearly lost in a book. I'm so spoiled! Must I really sit here and enjoy myself for hours? Oh, if you insist. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Disappointment, Then Searching

We peer in upon the Chipping Sparrow nest on the walk to school only to find it emptied of eggs. Some predator! Some storm! 

We're so sad and disappointed. But we know that the Chipping Sparrow will build another nest in another place. 

By late afternoon, I'm burrowed inside the Weeping Cherry or elbow deep in the Winterberry to search for new nests. 

It's the way of nature. What we build may or may not endure, but nothing can stop our hopeful, searching hearts. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

If It's There

Today I cut up all the vegetables and begin making those after school snack platters. They do, in fact, eat what I put out.

If it's there, they eat it.

I promise. Just put all the veggies out, and they will eat. Remember to include some novelties like pickles and artichoke hearts.

I also know this: If it's there, I eat it. If I'm going to eat what's there--no matter what it is--why not make it good for me? (I already ate all the artichoke hearts and pickles with my friend who came to visit.)