Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You, Like This

For several years now, I've noted my favorite spot in the neighborhood in autumn. It's this tree right here:

This tree stands out against all the others. It seems whipped up with golden butter, layered with sunshine, and spun with gold. Imagine it on a bright, clear day (instead of this gloomy, dark one).

All week, I've been talking to my daughters about how they can "shine like stars" from Philippians 2:15. As I read this section of scripture, I know that when we choose not to argue or complain, and when we "hold fast to the word of life," we stand out like bright lights in a cynical generation.

I also think about those women in my life who are those shining lights for me. Finally, I think about that one shining star of a moment that comes every day, without fail, in the midst of whatever is going on in life. There you are, driving down the dark road, and the golden moment rises up in view, spun with gold and layered with sunshine.

That's what this tree invites in my heart year after year on this very week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Neighbor's Adorable Autumn Scene Cupcakes

You know my love of cupcakes. Well, my amazing neighbor delivered some for our family tonight. I thought these would make you smile:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Now That's Customer Service!

I love nice people. I love helpful people.

Today I had to call a publishing company to request permission to quote from the Bible. I was already mad about having to get permission to use God's holy word. Why does it belong to anybody? Why do I have to spend my time figuring out what's "fair use" with this kind of thing?

Well, it must be done.

I call the 800 number of the publishing company. Someone answers! She is so nice, and she transfers my call to the Legal Department. I leave a message for a kind man named Brett. It's an overly emotional and rather long narrative about my blog and my new book about Living with Flair and how I sometimes quote from the NIV Bible. I clumsily end the call with, "I'm not sure if you actually call people back, but if you do, here's my number, and I sure would like help figuring out how to get permission to quote from the Bible in my book."

Brett calls back. He calls back! He's so nice and helpful! I exclaim, "Wow, you called back!"

Brett: "Well, you had a question, and I had an answer."

Bless you, Brett! He tells me everything I need to know and what I need to state in my book and how it is indeed under Fair Use. That's good news!

It reminds me of the shocking phone call I made to my county when I wanted a fence put up on the walk to school. They responded immediately and put up that fence.

My reaction to encountering a nice, helpful person reminds me today to be one myself. What stress might I eliminate in another person just by being nice and helpful?